Celestino Visual Arts

Puerto Rico . New York . France . Italy

Galleria Arte in Centro
The Museum of the Americas
cordially invite you and your guests
to the opening of the exhibition
"International Print Festival in Italy"
on Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00 PM
Galleria Arte in Centro
Via Tasso, 55  (Primo Cortile)
Bergamo, BG 24100 - Italy
Participant Artists:
 ABENGO, Chiquita (The Netherlands), ASENSIO, Pamela (Argentina), BARWINSKI, Janes (Brazil)   
BASTIAN, Winnifred J. (The Netherlands), BELAN, Kyra (Argentina/USA)  
BENNETT, Jenny (New Zealand), BERNDSEN, Jeannette (The Netherlands)
BERMUDEZ, Ericson (Panama/Mexico), CARBONELL, Xavier (Spain)   
CASAS SERE-LEGUIZAMON, Agustina (Uruguay) 
CELESTINO (Puerto Rico), CHADIN, Jaya (Mexico)  
CHAMI, Silvia (Argentina), CHAVARRO, María Segunda (Colombia) 
COKEE (Jorge Monroe) (Chile/USA), CUARTAS, María Fernanda (Colombia)  
DE LINCE, Ma. Isabel (Colombia), IFRAN, Mabel (Argentina), KAABY AAS, Anne Lise (Norway/Cyprus) 
KAPHENGST, Michael (Germany), KUSTIN DE LEVY, Carina (Argentina) 
LOWERY, Diana (Bulgaria/Dubai), McLEAN DUTKOWSKI, Pauline (Canada) 
McPHERSON, Heather (Australia/South Korea), MONTICH, Graciela (Argentina/USA)  
MURAUER, Andreas (Austria), ORCHANSKY, Guillermina (Argentina) 
PORTILLO, Monica (Argentina), PRAWITT, Cornelia (Germany), REKA, Ferencz J. (Hungary)   
ROSA, Shahla (Canada/USA), SANCHEZ, Beatriz (Venezuela), SAPORITI, Patricia (Argentina)  
SCERBO, Mariana (Argentina), SCHAEFER, Barbara Rae (U.S.A.) 
STEINKOGLER, Ulrike (Austria), UR. Eleonora (Hungary), VALVIQUEIRA, Cira (Cuba/USA)  
YARON, Ilana (Israel), ZILLICH, Delia (Argentina).   
Exhibition ends on June 24.

Carrousel du Louvre catalog. Louvre Museum in Paris, France. 2015.

My friend Marcos Lugo and his wife with Dr. Oyuela from Museum of The Americas with a The Waiting print at the Louvre, France.